Tales of Balia

Visit a land not unlike our own, created by the powerful deity TrueGod.  His people turned away from him, but he pursues them through time and space to bring them back to him, leading them through adventures, battles, and romance, one lost soul at a time.  These are his stories.  Christian historical fantasy, always with a satisfying dose of romance.  Readable in any order–regardless of what the retailers may say, these books are not numbered and can be read as you desire.

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To heal two tired soldiers, TrueGod drags them across Balia for love, life, and a future.





Moonset Child



Valerie the laundry maid had no idea the mysterious new stable boys would change her entire life and save two kingdoms.





Desert Rains


Nobody would imagine a lame beggar and foreign slave might hold the secrets to saving a drying desert city.





Gypsy Heart


To save everything they love, a gypsy man and a wealthy guilder girl must become one.





Dusk Lane


Against his better judgment, Rika the guide drags a ragtag group of travelers through the most dangerous trail on Balia.






Misflitch Cover

Two men on opposite sides of a war dare to become brothers. Either they will save the mountain and find love or die trying.






Luminosity Cover

Some call the journey of Dianna and Vion a myth, but who knows what TrueGod will do to pull his people home?





Moon Bird


Disfigured Yaron never expected to find love. Lost missionary Laurelin never expected to want it.





Most Glorious Land

Glorious Land Cover

Kidnapped from his home, Nikka the guard must protect his enemies, even at the expense of his own life.





The Wryneck

Wryneck cover

A mysterious savior of enslaved children might need some saving of his own.