Jill’s Novels


Spindrift–Christian fantasy

Courting the Clearwaters

Boys of Summer book one

When I’m not rambling in a blog, I’m a novelist.  I’m a genre bender, meaning none of my books fit easily and neatly into current genres.  I write Christian drama/romance for teen or new adult audiences, although the actual readers of those books are mostly adult women.  Hey, I’m an adult woman and love to read about high school and college romance, drama, and adventure, so it makes sense other adult women like to read them.

I also write Christian historical fantasy.  These stories all take place in a world called Balia which is largely like ours.  Think lazy historical fiction–I pulled from different cultures throughout world history, but I changed them as I wanted to.

Collage cover River Rats Young couple on country driveFinally, I am about to release a series of sweet romances.  These are ‘clean’, meaning non-sensual.  Sex happens, but usually within the confines of marriage, and always behind closed doors.  This particular series takes place in a swamp village.  It’s not exactly historical and not fantasy.   (Remember that whole genre bending thing?  Well, still applies.)

Soon I’ll be adding a coming of age series called Terry’s Garden that also fits the romance genre, and then finally, I have series on the horizon later this year that’s straight contemporary Christian romance. For once, I figured out how to write within a genre.  Go me!

I’ve got almost thirty books out there, available on Amazon, Google Play, iBooks, Nook, etc.  Two are free ebooks.  To find out more about them or even buy one (go ahead, buy one!!), check out my business site www.JillPenrod.com  Or, to get the free books for Kindle or a Kindle app, head directly to Amazon for Courting the Clearwaters (romance/drama) or Spindrift (fantasy).


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