The Victory Gym

victory gym(Author’s note: Simple Living Friday has been moved to Wednesday this week, because this is Holy Week, and I want to focus elsewhere on Friday. But, I really wanted to share this post, because it makes me happy. So. Onward.)

I have experienced a great victory in my quest to free up space in my home, and I’m excited to share it. This week we unveiled the workout room.

My husband has always been interested in exercise. He has a black belt in Kempo and likes to do things here at home. My oldest son works as a mover but also has education as a personal trainer. Our house is littered with exercise odds and ends, but since there wasn’t one spot large enough for an adult to lie flat on the floor, those things were clutter. I am sick to death of clutter.

So, I looked at what we called the school room and went Hmmm. I don’t teach my kids in that room any more. It contained furniture we didn’t use. It had a table whose sole purpose was to be a landing spot for homeless items. It is the first room a person sees upon entering our home, and it was a black hole. If something disappeared into that room, it made more sense to purchase a new version than to dig and find it. It was just that bad.

So. The table was taken apart and stored for my engaged son (Thank you, Ikea, for furniture that can be disassembled).  An old sofa was carried to the street, ala my mover son. A few things were added to the pile at the door heading to Goodwill, because I’m human and seldom completely finish what I start. Someday I will make another Goodwill trip, possibly when it gets so bad we can’t get to the door.

The room had some space. It was amazing. The animals wandered in circles as though they had no idea what to think. Space.

I began to move exercise stuff into the space, and I looked online for foam flooring. That was a bust. There is no line in the budget for foam flooring. Then I took my weekly trip to Aldi, the grocery store, and this week they had very inexpensive foam flooring. Score one to God for the assist–we now have an area of foam flooring , enough space that two people can lie down in there.

The animals got even more excited after that. Space and a soft place to stretch out or curl up. Even better, I kept opening the window to let in the warm spring air, and cats like nothing more than sitting in an open window watching a human clean house.

The room isn’t perfect. It still houses an item or two my son plans to take when he gets married in October. There are a few odds and ends that don’t have a home. I’d like to put something fun on the walls. But it’s the first real victory in my quest to simplify my life. It’s more than simplifying and decluttering. I gave a room a new focus, putting space to good use, making it work for us instead of us working for it.

Of course, now I need to tack a few exercise routines to the wall and head in there. Last year I worked out faithfully at a gym with my son as my personal trainer. It improved many areas of my life, including my diabetes. This year, his job changed and the gym moved to a place where personal training can no longer happen, so I’ve been letting go of my exercise time. I hope to use this new space to get that part of my life back. It will take discipline, but I’m learning a lot about discipline right now, so I think I can do it.

Regardless, seeing fruit makes me want to tend the garden better. If I can see one room improve, I can see more. I feel energized in the spring, which is filled with life and hope and new beginnings, and I’m ready to move on and keep this up until the entire house brings the same smile as our front room.

2 thoughts on “The Victory Gym

  1. My sewing room sounds like your school room! Sewing is my default for releasing tension (even if it does occasionally produce its own tension, at least it’s different!) Right now my sewing room looks like varmints have made a home in there! Just entering the room sets my teeth on edge because of the clutter and mess. But I have a plan, thanks to my son-in-law who is helping me create an organized, functional space where I can truly relax and have fun. Because we are both in a busy season and it takes time for plans to move from the drawing board to reality, I am living in anticipatory joy. But the day is coming soon when I will be smiling with delight, too, Jill! In the meantime, I’m living vicariously through you!


    • Andee: While the gym is awesome, my dirty little secret is my pottery room, which could probably give your sewing room a run for the money. But, baby steps!! Once I finish teaching this spring, I plan to tackle that one. I might have to send out flares so people can find me in there. But having even one room done makes me feel so much more capable. Can’t wait for your room to come to completion, too. It feels great.


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