Blogging as spiritual discipline

I actually read that phrase the other day.  I was looking over a list of spiritual disciplines on a handout from my church, a handout about ways to grow, and the list included “diary, journal, blog.”

I thought hmm.  I’ve felt this little tug to blog for awhile, a little desire to have my say.  But to call it a discipline that can somehow help me to grow closer to God?  And yet, any time I articulate what I believe, putting it to words in front of others or even just between me and God (and as this is my first blog, I’m not so vain as to think I’m writing to an audience of thousands.  Or dozens.  Or more than three.), I am having to think spiritual thoughts.  I have to make sense of what I believe, defend what I know, and in a public forum, I am more obligated to live it out.  I can say whatever I want, but once I put the words to paper in a public way, those who know me in a public way can instantly see if I live the life or just talk the talk.

So, welcome to my spiritual discipline.  If you read my Welcome page you have some idea who I am; if you’re reading my first blog post, chances are you also already know who I am, so you know I am a follower of Christ and I long to grow.  Except, of course, when growth is hard and filled with trials.  Then I need to blog to remind myself what I really believe, and how growth is good even if it’s hard, and I have readers who can encourage me if I’m succeeding or tell me that I’m not.

The first challenge I’m putting to myself is that I post with some regularity and post about all areas of my life and how I live for Christ in those areas–family, work, church, rest.  The second is something I’ll discuss in a later blog, but something that will come up again and again and again, because God wants me to get this one.  It’s about community, how it isn’t just doing church stuff, but climbing into the lives of the Christians he’s put in my path.  So, I’m going to start inviting women to my home from my current church–a church I’ve not attended for long–and begin the process of friendships that may lead me to community.

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